Harvest Occurs Daily In Your Life!
Your Harvest is any good Thing in your Life.

* Any Person who blesses, encourages, corrects, strengthens or improves you.
* Any Idea planted by your Creator that has potential for helping others.
* Any Opportunity to increase your finances, maximize your standard of excellence or unlock a gift, or skill within you – It is any opportunity you have to solve a problem.

Few recognize their Harvest when it Occurs.

Your Harvests are coming toward you Every Moment of Your Life. It is your responsibility to recognize them.
Almost nobody recognizes a harvest when it occurs.
If you did not wake up in a Hospital this morning, breathing, alive and well – You’ve received another Harvest, because millions didn’t.

When you sit tonight around your table, and have a family, and a bowl of food – You’ve received a Harvest, because 75{016537dbecc42d71027533904bc457ed5957bc2ef2315a5caf07f387215cb6e8} of the world does not have these blessings, and over 1 Billion people go to bed hungry every night.

10 Facts About Your Harvest.
1. Your Harvest is any person or anything that can bless or Benefit You.
It may be someone who can contribute something you need – Information, favor, finances, ideas or encouragement when you need it.

2. Your harvest already exists.
It is walking around you! Just as your eyes had to be opened to recognize Jesus, your eyes also must be opened to recognize Your Harvests as they come.

3. Access to someone who believes in you is a Harvest.
Every golden connection is a Harvest.

4. Your Harvest occurs when someone recommends you to others.
Any flow of favor and acceptance toward your life is a Harvest.

5. The entire world missed the Harvest of Jesus.
“He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not. He came unto His own, and His own received him not.” (John 1:10-11) What a Tragedy!
Spiritual leaders, such as the Pharisees, failed to recognize Him! Politicians of His day failed to see Him as the Harvest.

6. Everything you possess came from Him.

7. Everything you will ever Own in your Future must come from Him.

8. Your Miracle Harvest is going past you everyday.
You may be failing to be thankful for it.

9. You must stop what you are doing long enough to Celebrate the Good Happenings around you.

10. You are Continually moving toward a Glorious Harvest.
Something marvelous is also moving toward you. Can you slow down long enough to discern it?
That’s why I don’t listen to the critics and haters that have no revelation of the message of Seed timeand Harvest, which is sowing a Seed for a Harvest.

For many preachers, the Offering time is normally a painful time – This is so sad! Just thinking, how many believers under their care, are being robbed of the Blessing of the Harvest, and live without.

Praying is not enough to have your needs met – Otherwise the Bible would Only teach on Prayer and nothing else. But No, it teaches far more in Seed Time and Harvest, than it does on Prayer.
This teachings needs to go to every believer.

Lets Pray this Prayer for a moment:
“Father, forgive me for ingratitude, unthankfulness and any blindness toward The Harvests You have provided. It is true that our complaining spirit has robbed us and aborted many miracles You had scheduled for us. In the name of Jesus, I release myself to You. I give all of me to You, knowing that You will reveal wonderful and powerful things to me. 
Thank You for my health, my eyesight, and my ability to walk today.

Thank You for the mind that You have given me, and the doors of Favor that have opened into my life. You are a marvelous, powerful and giving God.
I am thankful. I am grateful.

I shall not forget Your blessing on my life.
I’ll be swift to give You the glory and praise for every good thing You do for me and my family.
You will receive the Tithe of everything You give me!

I thank you for every blessing.
In the Name of Jesus. AMEN!”

Recognition of your Harvest will destroy the Root of Bitterness, unleash enthusiasm and power in your life, that will open a thousand doors of Favor in your life.

NB: Your Faithfulness to Praying, Tithing and Sowing seeds into this Ministry, is what enables us to keep sharing the Truth of God’s Word, that sets the Captives Free!