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Financial Freedom Series – Bank on God’s Promises

Everyday we hear various commercial banks waging economic war with their competitors. They try to offer us something that will convince us to deposit our money in their bank. Some offer higher interest rates on savings accounts. Others offer checking accounts with no...

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Financial Freedom Series – Giving Before Receiving

By Now, we've discovered that God sets Priorities. I want to emphasize one of the most Elementary Priorities of all. "GIVING ALWAYS GOES BEFORE RECEIVING!" The world would have you believe that you receive first, then you Give. So many times I have heard good, honest,...

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Financial Freedom Series – Tithe First

To operate the principles of Biblical economics in your life, not only must your priorities concerning God be proper, but your priorities in your giving must be clear. A major question many Christians ask as they begin to put their financial house in order is: "DO I...

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