CRISIS – CRISIS – CRISIS, seems to be the common word in newsheadlines all over the world.

Here are some keys to understand CRISIS:
1. Crisis always occurs at the curve of Change.
2. Failure is not an event But an Option.
3. People can never change what they believe until their Belief System Cannot Produce Something They Want.
4. Failure cannot Happen in Your Life Without Your Permission.
5.Failure will last only as long As you Permit it.
6. Any act of Obedience Shortens the Distance to any Miracle you are Pursuing.
7. Satan cannot Linger where he is Firmly Resisted.
8. What you make happen for others, God will Make Happen for you.
9. Your Words are the Vehicles to your Future.
10. Crisis is Merely Concentrated Information.

God has given you power to succeed in life.
You are a Champion – Yes, you will go though this Crisis … But it is up to you to use the times of Crisis as stepping stones to success. GO FOR IT.