A Law of physics states that energy is never destroyed, but simply changes forms.
The same is true of Wealth; It is never destroyed, but often changes hands. Even during the Great Depression, wealth was not destroyed, but was transfered to those who were in a position to take advantage of the times.
Those who were in this position were those who were not in Debt, and had cash readily available.
Businesses were bought for as little as 10{016537dbecc42d71027533904bc457ed5957bc2ef2315a5caf07f387215cb6e8} of their value. Land was bought for as little as a $1 per acre. The wealth was taken from those who had overextended themselves with debt and was received by those who had the Wisdom to live within their means.

We are heading for an even greater economic upheaval than the Great Depression. In some instances, some have labeled the present world economic situation as worst than the Great Depression. And it will get Worst in this World, with Nations on the brink of Bankruptcy and asking for Financial Aid from other Nations and Organizations.
The Bankers and Financial Reporters are trying to cool people’s fears, by saying that there is a recovery, and that things are heading back to normal. This is a lie! Things are going to get far worst, Banks are going to close down, and the property market (which is the market that the world economic system operates on, by keeping people in Debt) will totally collapse. It’s happened in Ireland lately.
The Worst is yet to come!

Now, I’m not saying this to create Fear, but to Create Joy!
Yes Joy. Because we as the body of Christ, that have been using our Faith and Anticipating these prophetic times will be advantaged and prepared to take advantage of the times and receive authority over unprecedented Wealth.

We have been preparing ourselves for this, by the problems God has allowed us to go through in the past, and some even now. Yes, the problems you have been going through, are preparing you, for the Great Wealth Transfer.

As the Psalmist wisely exhorted: Psalm 32:6 Therefore, let everyone who is godly pray to You in a time when you may be found; Surely in a flood of great waters they shall not reach Him.

The Lord is allowing us not to go through troubles now that are meant to drive us to higher ground. Even if we have been faithful in all things, sometimes the Lord still allows us to go through troubles, just as He did Joseph, so He can trust us even more of His Abundance.

Like Joseph, we are being prepared to properly manage the abundance that we receive, so that it can save lives during the times of famine that are coming.

The Lord wants His people prepared to use the circumstances that are coming for the sake of His Gospel, not just so that we can get rich to show off to our peers or self consumption.


When it comes to the Lord trusting us with more resources, motives are crucial.

The Lord is right now preparing His people for what is about to come. He has been warning His Church for over 30 years to get out of Debt. He has given us plenty of time to do it. However, because of the expected catastrophic economic problems have take so long to come, many have disregarded the warning. Even now, many are still dogmatic that this will not happen, and fail to Tithe and Sow Finacial Seed into the Kingdom of God, believing it will not effect them. The prophecy God game me, a few years ago, was that everything was going to be shake, that could be shaken. LET ME REMIND YOU, THAT IT IS ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BUILDING, AND ARE PRESENTLY BUILDING THE TRUTHS OF GOD’S WORD INTO THEIR LIVES, THAT WILL COME OUT OF THIS BIG SHAKE UP, UNHARMED.

There’s still time to repent and get our houses in order, but we must not delay another day!
Those who are obedient will have nothing to fear from what is coming, but can look forward to a godly prosperity in the midst of Famine. Those who continue in Disobedience will Pay a Terrible Price for it.
To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Dear Heavenly Father, 
Thank you for the eyes of my Understanding being enlightened to the truths of your Word, 
Help me to make the meditation of my heart and the thoughts of my mind, become agreeable with your Word; So that I amy not be judged with the wicked of this world.
Today, I recommit myself to live by the truth of your Word, and walk in your divine plan for my life.
Thank you for Your grace to continually Obey your Word in Faith.
I may have missed it in the past, and I repent Saying: From this time forth, I am a doer of the Word of God.

Friend I pray that the above is helping you understand and walk in the full protection and provision of the God’s Promises.

SOWING AND REAPING ARE GOD’S PLAN FOR THE BELIEVER TO LIVE ABOVE THE WORLD’S SYSTEM …. What you sow, is between you and the Lord, but be encouraged to sow your best seed into our ministry today expecting a Bountiful Harvest to come back to you, in the form of your own need.

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