* Read your Bible on a Daily basis – Especially the New Testament.
The New King James Version of the Bible would be recommended, or the New International Version. English Bibles are available through our V-Dotshop Page.
* Join a Bible believing Church or Fellowship in your area – Visit a few, and allow the Lord to direct you, in this regard.
When you’ve found your spiritual home (your church) – Get involved in any area of helps that you have passion about, and help the Pastor where ever possible, make yourself available.
Tithe and give offerings to your church and other ministries, and bless your pastor where possible.
* Fellowship with other believers – Relationships with other believers are essential to your spiritual growth.
Join a home cell, or small group – If your church has this kind of structure.
* Develop a Prayerful Relationship with your Heavenly Father.
Pray daily, by talking to God about your life, and decisions.
Get some good Biblical material and study on how to effectivelly develop your prayer life. Some of these materials are available through our V-Dotshop Page.